Leighton Meester for FASHION

Only a few hours left until this year is over… are you excited yet?!
I forgot to mention that apart from those amazing boots yesterday, I also received a vintage Versace belt from my aunt, and a new pair of evening sandals from Aldo.
This morning, the February issue of FASHION arrived in the mail. And who was on the cover? Leighton Meester of course, looking beautiful as always.
I can’t find a picture of it anywhere, since it’s very new. So instead, I’ll go get a perfect picture of the face of Gossip Girl. (Dressed in Oscar de la Renta, no less.)
Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve!



Fashion treasures

I just got home from shoe shopping! I bought a beautiful pair of booties from Bari Shoes for a sweet sixteen I have in February.
When I got home and showed my dad, the first thing I asked him was how much he thought they cost. Boxing Day sales made them only $40 (can you believe it?!), but he guessed at least $175. Then he went on to tell everyone he knows “the girls just got in from Boxing Day bootie shopping. Like chick pirates bringing home their fashion treasure.”
This is definitely considered treasure.



Hard work pays off in the future... laziness pays off now

The laziness has officially begun. I’m going shopping on Friday to look for new ankle boots, but until then the maximum amount of physical exercise is going from the bed to the couch and changing from pajama to pajama. Sounds good? I think yes.
And the best part? Now I have the pleasure of waiting for my beautiful laptop to arrive! When that happens, I’ll be able to blog from the couch. It’s a revelation.

So what should I plop in next? Titanic? The Devil Wears Prada? PS I Love You? Sex and the City? Part one? Part two?
The possibilities are endless. ☺



Party favors

Do stores actually make money on Boxing Day? I walked into Best Buy before, looking for a laptop, and it’s like jumping into a can of sardines. When I got there, there was a lineup to get in that went all around the building. By this point, I gave up and walked to Future Shop, since they had no line. It was even worse. Everything in the place was sold out, and it was a huge mess. By the time I made it to the laptop section, a man stood on the counter with a list in his hands and recited all the computers that were sold out. Lo and behold, the one I wanted was on the list. Walking back to the car with my dad, we noticed there was no lineup outside of Best Buy anymore. Inside was a different story.
Long story short, we ended up ordering the laptop online.
Do you exchange gifts with friends? If so, were your gifts as awesome as mine? Here’s what I got:

Anyway, this is what my two weeks off is going to consist of.

And the funniest Christmas card goes to…

I got tons of amazing gifts this year.
1. Dior Minaudière

2. Lip balms from The Body Shop

3. Two new Pandora charms (pink Murano glass + gift box)
- Black Lady Gaga t-shirt
- Striped Tommy Hilfiger long-sleeved sweater
- Pink and grey t-shirt + black leather tights from H&M
- Vampire Academy
- Money (to buy previously mentioned laptop)

**Pictures to come**

It was a very merry Christmas indeed!



Another thing to look forward to...

One more day!

It’s Christmas Eve!
I know most of you are busy getting glamorous to go out partying tonight, but my evening is going to be exactly the opposite. Usually I spend both Christmas and New Year’s Eve with my mom’s side of the family, but that won’t happen this year because they’re all sick. So now I get to spend the night painting my nails in Sally Hansen’s Racey Rouge (courtesy of the best friend in the whole wide world!), wrap myself up in the best navy blue scarf ever, and then watch Elf.
I then plan to wait until everyone else in the house is sleeping, run to the Christmas tree and see which gifts are mine. I know, I sound like a huge baby, but I’ve been doing that for as long as I remember. It’s so tempting to lift the layers of tissue paper and see what’s below. It takes the willpower of Superman not to.

Merry Christmas!




3 more days

It’s finally the weekend!
Three more school days to go until I have two weeks off.
Anyway, I have a science test and yet another history test this week, plus I need to stop procrastinating already and finish writing my science fair. Unfortunately.  
Also, I’m the proud new owner of a barely-used Betty Boop bag, courtesy of my aunt, who shares my materialistic view on things. (That’s not exactly the best thing to say, but why lie?)

Enjoy your weekend!




So much for blogging everyday!
I have tons of things to do in the short span of 48 hours. Study for history exam on Monday, conduct science fair experiment with permanent markers, and write opinion essay for ethics (which I just finished writing).
I’ve yet to start studying, and the experiment is going to take forever.
My dad just contributed to my personal library by ordering, courtesy of Amazon, the last book of the Crank trilogy by Ellen Hopkins, Fallout. It’s his Christmas gift to me. Seeing as the delivery estimate is between December 23rd and January 4th, it’ll give me something to do during the winter break besides stress about the midterms.

PS. At this very moment, I’m sitting behind a huge desk typing away in my new, super-comfortable Simon Chang robe.



Celebrate with Coach and BCBG


The traffic outside is insane thanks to the weather. It’s literally impossible to see two feet in front of you from all the snow.
Anyway, I’m now sitting at home, cozy in my pajamas. ☺
I wanted to show you an article I had to write for English, since I had the freedom to write about whatever I wanted.

3012: Better or Worse?

This week in Hollywood there’s talk of a new movie being released called 3012. Contrary to 2012, it’s all about what is going to happen if humans still roam the planet next millennium. Based on the novel by Jane Smith, it provides an unwanted point of view of all the problems with this generation. This leads to the million-dollar question: do we really want future generations to look back to their ancestors and think they were too busy on their iPhones to try and make the world a better place? If so, wouldn’t being alive in 3012 be much worse than it is now?
The movie is set to be released next May. Jane Smith, the author of the novel it is based upon is pretty busy working with the screenwriter, but managed to phone in this morning from Los Angeles. “I wrote the book to show everyone what is happening to our world. I was so glad when Universal Pictures wanted to turn it into a movie, because it further proves my point that no one really reads anymore. There is a greater of chance of teens going to see the movie than actually sitting down to read a lengthy novel.” Smith continues to point out how today’s teens have an unsettling lack of morals and responsibility. But why? How has the generation become so corrupted beyond repair? “Kids today are ultimately spoiled with electronics; they simply cannot live without them. Billion-dollar corporations continue to invent more and more, just to make money. They do not care about the consequences of people being addicted to texting or Facebook and the repercussions when it comes to being in a classroom. Schools are continuously filled with kids who spend their classes texting instead of paying attention and as a result, grades have gone down. Trade school is becoming more and more in demand, simply because the youth do not want to go to college.”
However true this may be, there are two extremes to the issue. Some decide to be as educated as possible, and attend both college and university while others are lucky to receive their high school diploma. But what’s going to happen when the first possibility diminishes and everyone becomes too lazy to go to college? Who will be our doctors, our lawyers? Our politicians, our caregivers?
The unnerving aspect is that unfortunately for most people, there is no problem. It never occurred to them that now is the time to change. Nothing is being done about this situation. How can we solve a problem while others don’t even know there is a problem?
The odds are horrifyingly slim of any changes; we are far too ignorant at this point. Now all we can do is hope that this self-inflicted doom is miraculously stopped. – Nina Morena

What do you think of it?

Also, I have to write another one of those formal five-paragraph responses. I’m expected to connect The Sniper by Liam O’Flaherty to something else I read. I was thinking of connecting the whole ‘curiosity killed the cat’ idea to the novel The Devil Wears Prada (Lauren Weisberger). My point? Andy wants to be considered to work for Runway magazine, but ends up wishing she didn’t anymore because of her over demanding boss.



Cinderella for a day

Pre-holiday stresses

Two days is not long enough for a weekend.
Especially when I have to write an essay about religious rights in society, write an article about the problems with this generation and start my science fair project. When is it all due?
Before Christmas. Do these teachers think I’m superwoman? Anyway, the time I have is even more limited because tonight my mom is hosting a dinner party (early Christmas gifts!) but at least I had the joy of finding something to wear.
I decided to go for black skinny jeans and a vintage beige Miss Sixty cardigan. I also usually have a Chanel pendant on, but I’d look too much like a walking advertisement. So the Chanel will be back on Monday morning. I have to do something to break the excess amount of Loft des Enfants I’m obliged to wear every day.
It doesn’t exactly look like that one. I’m just humoring you.



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