5/31/2010 - This is why I hate Mondays

I don't think I know a single person who looks forward to a Monday. (Unless it happens to be their birthday, I guess)
Optimistic people might say that with every Monday, comes a Friday. But just the thought of the beginning of the week, getting up early, sitting in class at ungodly hours is enough to make me want to stay under the covers when I am awaken at the scary hour of 6 a.m. Today was a different kind of Monday, though. It was the last Monday of the school year. I now have 3 days left, which makes 12 more periods, which last 75 minutes. Friday is Fun Day, spent at La Ronde (I will tell you about my day), then exams for 2 weeks and summer 2010 is here..... I can't wait.
Can you think of a better feeling, walking out of your last exam for the summer, knowing you aced every question, and now you're free?! For two and a half months of no school worries, vacation, tanning poolside with your best friends, creating memories you'll talk about for years to come, I mean, what could be better? The essence of summer is such an amazing feeling for everyone. I love it and I'm sure you do too.
It's the first summer of a new decade.
I say let's make it count.



5/30/2010 - It's just the beginning

Today is just a lazy Sunday, sitting in front of my computer. I was reading the summer issue of Fashion Magazine (in case you didn't know, it's the one with Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover) when I thought, I want to make a name for myself. I want to be somebody. I don't want to glide through life unnoticed. This all made me realize, all I want is to be remembered.
So as I put down the article about the amazing SJP and all her achievements, I said to myself, I have to start somewhere, and this is where writing a blog comes in.
So here I am, trying to make the Internet my best friend and figuring out The Art of Blogging.
This is just the beginning.



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