6/1/2010 - Welcome to June, the happiest month of the year

To me, June is the happiest month of the year because school is coming to an end, and summer is so close we can almost taste it. When the school year comes to a close, that is when we can really have all the fun we've been wanting to have, and do all the things we've wanted to do without an worries or deadlines or assignments.
I have 2 days left of school, and I still cannot believe I'm so close to the end. 7 and a half more classes left - the last one doesn't fully count, we leave early - and my third year of high school is over. That also means I'm closer to the end than to the beginning of high school, I'm practically euphoric.
All the review packages I've been getting are pulling me back down to Earth to realize I still have exams to write. I'm not too worried, though. The same thing always happens: I start to panic before walking into an exam, then I look at it and see that sometimes I freak out for nothing. I just need to study, stay calm and it will all be fine.
I don't really have much to say about my day, it wasn't anything special. I'm just so tired, and all I want to do is sleep, wondering what tomorrow will bring.
Here's to an exciting tomorrow.



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