A day with my best friend, AND BAGS!

Today marks the first official day of summer 2010. YEAH! To celebrate this day, I went to see my best friend to spend the day with her. It will be a day to remember and there will be endless giggles. That's why I'm going to blog now, because later I won't have the time to do so. What I love about spending time with my best friend is that I know I can always come back here. It's my second home. I called my friend countless times this morning to try and wake her up. But nothing can wake her up because while she is sleeping she might as well be in a coma. So I had to keep ringing the doorbell hoping she would answer soon cause I was starting to look like I had the wrong house. So she answered the door and as I walked in, I must have had a weird look on my face cause I hadn't been to her house in quite a while. You can always go back to your best friends, you can walk into their house like you live there, even if they just woke up. That is what you call the root of all friendship. So as I finish this blog, I know that today will be remembered, June 21st - the first day of summer. The first day of fun.

Anyway, I've been thinking that I should post about bags more often. Check out the ones I found:

Bag 1: Miu Miu. Priced at $850. Find it here.
Bag 2: Salvatore Ferragamo. Priced at $1650. Find it here.
Bag 3: Gucci. Priced at $3800. Find it here.



P.S. Sorry about how the pictures were placed. There were some technnical difficulties. Although they are all in order! ☺


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