Don't let me give you the wrong idea!

My last post wasn't worded properly, and re-reading it now, I see what was done wrong. I don't want you to think spending money on over-priced clothes is what makes me happy. It shouldn't make anyone happy. In fact, it makes me even happier when the clothes look expensive, but aren't at all. I'm not trying to make myself seem rich at all in any way. I post pictures of designer clothes, shoes and handbags, but I don't own a single one. I own two pairs of heels, one Nine West and one Guess by Marciano. I talk to you about everything that's unattainable to me. The pictures I post are about things I wish I had, not things I do have. I don't know why, but you see, those are all possessions I'd like to own when I'm older and when I have the money. I'm not speaking from experience, but I know people work hard to make money. I'm not telling anyone to spend every dollar they earned on a new bag. What I am saying is, not agreeing with my opinions doesn't mean you're against fashion, but we all have a different point of view on fashion. Some people have different price ranges they are comfortable with. Some people prefer no price range, and do it all with vintage. There are those who have the money to live comfortably and go on generous shopping trips. And of course, the majority of people who admit to shopping their own closet - including me - but at times need to buy new things. I feel a little embarrassed when I look through my clothes every morning, and stumble upon pieces I don't think I ever wore, let alone even remember buying. I do like shopping very much, and I have a little system about it all in my mind. Whenever I see a new piece in a store, I rack my brain thinking about when and where I would wear it. Maybe you think I make up events to let myself give in and buy it, but that's not true. People need clothes. I usually shop more when seasons change. For example, buy new summer clothes or new clothes for winter. There's always the odd little shopping trip, but not major. Just a new pair of jeans or a new t-shirt, nothing expensive. Almost everything I own was bought from some sort of sale.
So my point is that there are so many different kinds of fashionistas in the world. The fact that they all have different opinions on the whole industry makes them all more unique. We all have a different personal style, and no matter what it is, it should be appreciated.
You shouldn't care about what you are going to look like. Wear whatever makes you feel happy. It does something for your soul when you look into the mirror before leaving the house and say, "I approve."
We are all unique, no matter what we wear. We are all beautiful in our own way.
Take a look at Lady Gaga. She gets her clothes from a few dollars in vintage shops to many, many dollars in designer stores. People may criticize her for what she wears, but she doesn't let it stop her from being herself, and dressing the way she wants. Clearly, an inspiration to us all.
Here's to individuality.



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