Fashion - How much is too much?

People who have money can spend it on fashion all they want. However, not everyone has that luxury, so some people sacrifice things to buy new shoes or clothes or accessories. The real question is: What are people willing to pay to look good? And don't you dare get all anti-fashion on me and say we all have our own form of beauty. Fashion will make you even more beautiful. Anyway, being on the fashion side of things, I say spend as much as you want on it. You are helping yourself because by buying new things for yourself you increase your happiness and confidence. Don't you love the feeling of leaving a store with giant bags of beautiful new things? I do. I think you know that by now but I needed to say it again anyway. I know this blog is short, but all of a sudden the whole family needs this ancient dinosaur computer. So I'm going to go now, but soon I really want to have a good sit down and just write and write. About anything I want. This Friday, I'm going shopping to buy a dress for a wedding that I have in July. I intend to talk about the super amazing dress I am going to wear at this event. And the shoes too! ☺


P.S. THAT SHOE IS AWESOME. Too bad I can't afford it. Tehe. BTW, you can find it here.


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