GAGA - JUNE 28, 2010

The concert was so amazing, so many times better than the first time! If I even began to write every single detail, I would be sitting here for hours.Whoever bought tickets to see her in other cities, you made a very good decision. I'm telling you, she kept us entertained the whole time. No one was bored, and Bad Romance - the finale - brought everyone to their feet. The costumes, to entire story, the music, was all improved like you cannot imagine. There was an extension to the stage, which meant she walked into the crowd. But now I'm blabbing on and on, I'll just show you everything I took. BTW, she said there is not one ticket left on this continent. ALL of them are gone. Lady Gaga spoke to us a lot, even though I didn't get it all on camera, it was because I was just a little but dazed when it really hit me - LADY GAGA - this legendary person, is actually standing in front of me, talking to the crowd as if she's known us forever.
If you aren't satisfied with everything I post here, check out this site, and you'll see the awesomeness I'm talking about.


I'm not posting the videos I took because they are blurry from zooming and not high quality. But with the link above you can see most of the performance. ☺


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