How does fashion play a part in our daily lives?

So, as promised, I am actually going to write to you about something rather than just post pictures up. I decided to write to you about how fashion influences us. Perhaps you think it doesn't, but it does and maybe we just don't realize it. When we don't realize something is influencing us, it means whatever it is is doing a good job. No matter what anyone says, fashion does influence people. It inspires us to be creative and not be afraid to take risks. This is because happiness is all that counts. You can have all the money in the world, but the happiness needs to come from within. Fashion can make you happy. When I walk out of a store with clothes and shoes and accessories I fell in love with at first sight, I feel confident and most of all, happy. At times, even euphoric. Some people might see a negative effect on the influence of fashion (having to change their body shape) but if you really think about how confident and happy you are, you can look past the negative effect of this industry. Fashion is based on trends and your style is based on your personality. I don't understand why people see me and think I'm vain for following trends and going into a fashion career. Vanity is part of humanity, and even if I am vain, it's my problem and who cares what anyone else thinks? No one is going to stand in my way of achieving my goal. I want to stay in fashion forever. That is where I will be happy. Happiness is supposed to come from within right? Well that's what fashion does for me. It gives a glowing happiness from within, and I never want it to go away. With that glowing happiness comes the confidence, and the euphoria.
So in conclusion, fashion influences people in good and bad ways. I'm not influenced in a bad way - since I already fit the ideal size - so I look at all the positive things about fashion. I hope you do too.



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