I am OFFICIALLY Promoted

Okay, so today I had to go get my report card at school. I didn't have to go, but I didn't have the patience to wait for it to arrive in the mail. I was so surprised at my marks and how unexpectedly high they were. I'd been so stressed during exam week, and I felt that even with hours and hours of studying I wouldn't get the marks I needed. So, to say I lost sleep over it was an understatement. I was so scared that I literally could not fall asleep. But now I know it was all for nothing, and I had no reason to be so anxious about it. The best part of seeing this report card, on my desk as I'm writing this, is the big, fat, red PROMOTED stamp on the front. It means summer has officially, finally, begun.
So today is one of those days where I feel too happy for words. Also, the fact that tonight I will be seeing Lady Gaga heavily contributes to this feeling of happiness.



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