Is having an eating disorder the latest accessory?

She has the shoes, the bag, the jewelry, the designer clothes, and she's also anorexic. She might be extremely sick, but she has no intent to get better. She is going to soon pull a rehab stint and quit after three days, claiming she can get better without anyone's help. She is going to continue being a supermodel, she will refuse to listen to anyone's concerns. Her friends and family will tell her she is becoming too thin, that she has to eat, but she will not listen. She will only listen to the photographer, telling her she's been looking amazing lately. She will absorb only the instructions from her agent, who is telling her that the disorder is making headlines like no tomorrow. What I just described is someone setting herself up for disaster.

I know this isn't something I usually talk about. But it needs to be said. Everyone knows it's out there, but no one does anything about it. We all turn a blind eye to what is happening in our society, and it's getting us nowhere. Almost every woman in North America thinks they don't have an acceptable body, they all think they need to be thin to fit in. They are all striving to attain an 'ideal' figure. The average model weighs 23% percent less than the average woman. However, weighing 15% less than average is considered to be anorexic. We see it everywhere: in advertisements, magazines, fashion shows, television, commercials. I know that models are photo shopped and air-brushed to look perfect, but just because they have been touched up it doesn't mean they're healthy. When you look at models, you can see the way the skin is just hanging off their face. They look tired and hungry, like they haven't eaten in weeks. You get the urge to grab them, bring them to McDonald's and feed them every type of burger, twice. Then to Tim Horton's for every doughnut, twice. You might ask, how does someone become anorexic? The answers are clear:
- Through the media
- Some causes can be through a bad case of OCD
- Fear of being fat
- Distorted self image
- As a way to deal with stress
- When you are unhappy with yourself
- Can be genetic, or by choice.
In Canada, 1 in 4 teenage girls suffer from an eating disorder whether it's anorexia, bulimia, compulsive eating or binges.
Yeah, yeah, I do in fact have a BMI of 14.9 (14 years old, weigh 82 pounds, 5'2.) I don't want to hear about it. Doesn't mean anything. My doctor tells me I'm underweight, and every time I meet a new person they think I have an eating disorder. Oh well.
Think about this problem once in a while, and maybe you might see symptoms of an eating disorder in someone you know. Then you will be able to take the necessary actions to help them become healthy again. This is a sensitive subject for me not because I've experienced it, but because I find it interesting. I cannot even count how many times someone will call me bony or skinny or anorexic in a day. What's worse? All those people are wrong. They don't know what goes on in my mind when I eat, they don't know what I eat when I get home and I'm by myself. They don't know I'm outsmarting them all by looking sick but being healthy.



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