The Lady Gaga Lookbook

This is SO awesome:
The Lady Gaga Lookbook
Amazing, amazing, amazing.
So yes, I've been containing the fact that tomorrow night, I will be going to see the legendary Lady Gaga. We've really won her over, since she decided to kick off both her tours here in Montreal. Tomorrow I'll just be telling you about how I can't contain my excitement. My tickets arrived in the mail over 2 and a half months ago, and let me tell you, I'm very impatient. But don't worry, everything about tomorrow night will end up here for you to see. It's going to be my second time seeing her, since the first time was in November. I still remember everything about the first show very clearly, even though it was over 8 months ago, on November 27th. That's the thing about Lady Gaga, she's unforgettable and she makes sure of it. I still remember the song she started with (Dance in the Dark) and the song she ended with (Bad Romance). I don't I'll ever forget it.
Lady Gaga is an amazing performer, and there's always something extra when it comes to her performances. She always has something up her sleeve, to astonish everyone.

So soon enough I promise that by Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest, I'm going to show you a little more than a glimpse of the first performance of a new tour. Tomorrow night will go down in history.
Also, if you want to see the finale of her last appearance in Montreal, see it here.



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