My amazing day... Sigh

You know how sometimes you have those really bad days where everything that can possibly go wrong, goes wrong? Or sometimes you have those days where it can't get any better. Today that is exactly what I experienced. Firstly, today I had my last exam. SUMMER 2010 HAS OFFICIALLY ARRIVED. Goodbye sec 3.... Back to school in September. But I'm not going to think about that now. September is in a while. Okay so apart from the last day of school, my dad picked me up from school when I was done. AND THEN. We went on a little trip to the Galleries D'Anjou. My dad wanted to get a new cell phone. As it turns out, while my dad was picking a new cell, the lady who was helping us said, "All three members of your plan (my parents and me) are eligible to buy new cell phones, and it won't cost you anything, because of the store credit."
So I went from Motorola Krzr to LG Neon. I think I'm in love... with LG. Sigh.... I'm not saying material things make me happy, but my phones have always been Motorola. LG is a new experience. Tee hee ☺
I'm going to go back to trying out MY NEW LG. HAHAHAHA!



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