Not much to report

I know I said I would write a blog everyday, and I am. But sometimes there are those days when even though I want to write to you, nothing interesting happened in my day. I'm just writing because I made it a point to write everyday.
BTW, tomorrow is Father's Day. Be nice to your daddies!
Also, this is one of those lazy Saturdays. NINA IS OFF TODAY.
At this very moment, I'm listening to 'This Afternoon' by Nickelback. Hearing it makes me not want to move even more. But at the same time, summer 2010 is here and I feel so free. As you know, this is another one of those blogs where I've had an uneventful day so I bombard you with pictures of beautiful things to distract you from my laziness. Tee hee. So there you are.


P.S. Right now I'm going to curl up on the couch with my mommy and watch Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Good times! ☺


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