Daydreaming About the Future...

Once again, it's Sunday today, and with it being the weekend, nothing special is going on. I now understand why most bloggers (of any sort, not only fashion) do not even bother to write anything on weekends. However, sitting here in front of my computer, I can say I was daydreaming about what working for a fashion magazine would be like. I mean, imagine being an editor. You can make the decisions. You decide what gets published and what doesn't. Maybe it's just the feeling of being in control, but I think it's more than that. If you are building components of a magazine of which many, many people with read, you feel like you mean something in the world. It makes my day when I walk into any random pharmacy and I see a new issue of a fashion magazine. It doesn't even matter which one it is. Obviously, I do have my favorites, but sometimes I don't care much for which one I'm reading. If you really think about it, many fashion magazines are the same, with slight differences. Different name, different layout, and of course they aren't all originated from the same countries either. However they all convey the same messages in different ways. They all have their own creativity in displaying the latest trend. These qualities make magazines similar to each other, and also make them different from each other.
So now I'm going to watch Fashion Television while reading Fashion Magazine.
Lazy Sunday, here I come!



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