SATC2 - The Fashion: Out of this world

* Just a quick update!
Yes, I am writing to you twice in one day but it's only because I couldn't wait until tomorrow. I just got home from watching Sex and the City 2 - which I couldn't wait to watch - yes, it was absolutely amazing. I couldn't have asked for better and I definitely will be watching it again. Whenever a SATC movie comes out, we wonder what the public wants to see the most. The actual movie, the scenery, the places, or the fashion. Obviously, the movie was amazing. But the fashion made it so much better. Fashion makes everything better! Although you already know that, of course. There was something about this movie that made me feel like I can do anything, and I love it. I don't even know why, but with all the disasters Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte experienced they still pulled through, stating that if you try your best anything is possible. Yeah yeah, I know what you're going to say, pigs still can't fly, money still doesn't grow on trees (sad face) but no matter what, if you really, really try your best, it will all work out. I'm not trying to sound like some psychologist or anything, just giving a tiny, minuscule-you'll-probably-never-use-it piece of advice.
Enjoy some of the fashion I just witnessed, even though you probably weren't as slow as me to go see it. Wouldn't hurt to see it again. ☺



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