Welcome back summer, you've been missed

It is now 1 in the afternoon, I'm in my pajamas, I look absolutely terrible, I'm full on disgusting junk food, and I'm not ashamed. I have no intention to get dressed today. My intentions for today are to blog as many times as I want and spend the rest of my time on the big beautiful leather couch watching chick flicks.
No responsibilities.
Belly tops, flip flops
Lemonade, in the shade
Blue skies, hot guys,
Late nights water fights,
Ice creams, sweet dreams,
Bathing suits, shooting hoops,
Party time, schools out,
Sleeping in,sneaking out
Summer's coming...
Summer oh ten, let it begin.
Of course, I'm going to show you a nice little collection of summer dresses.

These pretty frocks are an easy way to throw anything on with the morning rush and still look fabulous.



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