I'm looking for the courage to step out of the house

Right now as I'm sitting in front of my computer, I'm wondering what it looks like outside. Not literally, but I know it's really hot, and I don't feel like going anywhere. If I hadn't already told my cousins I would go visit them, I'd stay home in the air conditioning and watch Gossip Girl all day. Oh well.
Right now, there are 2 things I'm really looking forward to.
1. Toronto - you know that one already.
2. Shopping downtown. Not just for clothes, but for books too. I read every book on my bookcase at least twice. During school it wasn't so bad because I was always studying or doing projects, but now that there's nothing to do (I'm not complaining) reading the same books over and over again is starting to get annoying. What's the point, if you already know how it ends?
When both of those things eventually happen, I'm going to post everything.
Yesterday, I'd been wondering when I'm going to receive my August issue of FASHION Magazine. I'll get it by the end of the month. It'll probably be waiting for me when I get back home from Toronto.☺
To wrap up this uneventful blog, I hope you have a good day, despite all this heat.



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