The Latest In Fashion, and Vampires, and Accessories....

Literally, I'm talking about the show In Fashion, of Fashion Television. Here you can find the latest news that's worth your attention in the fashion world. Whenever I'm not blogging or reading about Edward and Bella's adventures, or having a Gossip Girl marathon, I'm watching Fashion Television. To me, the best channel Videotron has to offer.
I need a headband for a wedding, which is part of the reason I've been watching Blair Waldorf since this morning, and will continue when I'm done here. My absolute favorite character on Gossip Girl. Notice I didn't say all television, because Edward Cullen-Robert Pattinson obviously has the first spot. I mean look at this:
Anyway, but I can buy accessories, not fictional vampires (sad face) as beautiful as they are. So back to what I need:

Now, I can absolutely say that Blair Waldorf has the best hair on television.
I'll let you know when I find one, if it ever happens.



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