One of those days....!

Today is one of those days when you want to stay in bed for hours, staying covered in blankets. You want to do nothing but read about vampires who sparkle and snobby girls from New York. Everyone has those days. Days when your version of walking is dragging your feet and you ignore all the healthy food in the house. Also, being so tired that the slightest bit of humor has you giggling for quite a while. And then you see a fashion magazine hiding under piles of books and pillows and your iPod and you begin a frenzy of coveting every pretty thing you see; then make the terrible mistake of watching Raw only to see Stella McCartney's Spring Summer 2010 Collection playing, then wishing you had all of that, too. Then the lists start. You say, as soon as I can go shopping this is everything I'm going to buy. The list(s) gets longer and longer until you realize you're going through a little phase of temporary insanity, and you should stop and go write a blog to clear your head. ☺
Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be back to my normal self, coveting a lot less.



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