Back-to-school boringness

I’m bored and tired and I have to go to school in two days.

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AUGUST 30, 2010
FASHION Loves...
RUNWAYThe ’70s
The Me Decade is still kicking this season with bow blouses, flared trousers and an earthy palette.
CHLOƉ Fall 2010. Photography by Peter Stigter
STREET STYLEEasy, breezy in all-black
This week’s streeter does simple chic in a jumpsuit.
How will you wear leopard print?
Meow indeed. What’s your favourite way to wear fall’s most-coveted print?

Vlog for us! 
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Vivenne Westwood’s footwear exhibit 
See punk rock boots, winged sandals, fetish golf shoes and more.


It's the most wonderful time of the year.... NOT.

What a deceitful Bureau en Gros commercial. I went there yesterday to buy my new locks for school and when I got home my dad came to see me. Just to annoy me, he took all three of my Dudley locks and attached them together. Before I could ask what he was doing, he suggested that I take a picture, put it on my blog, and send it to Dudley as the ‘International Back-to-School Symbol’. So that’s what I’m doing. What do you think of it?


The Kristin Collection from Coach

Good morning! To start this off, here is a fashion quote for you:
Take color – you can’t really imagine color. You have to see it and how it resonates on different fabrics and in relation to other colors. So I have a huge library of color, which I keep in big glass jars – mainly ribbons or scraps of material I’ve picked up… it’s a total palette in jars.
John Galliano
You remember Meling, don’t you? The girl who sends me beautiful emails? The most recent one was from Coach. It was about new handbags and the Kristin Collection. Experience the beauty:

These bags are so perfectly made they’re the kind that when you buy them you feel like they were made especially for you.
Now all I need is a really good excuse for wanting a 4-month-early Christmas gift.



The Girl in the BCBG Scarf

Do you remember when I posted that I got a $50 gift card to BCBG? Today I went to spend it and bought the cutest purple scarf. It’s so perfect! For a few reasons: a) it’s purple, my all-time favorite color, b) it’s super comfortable, c) if I unfold the whole thing it could be a table cloth, and d) I look forward to wearing it for all of fall and winter. It’s one of the very few things I won that’s not made in China. This is 100% pure Indian cotton. Anyone remember Confessions of a Shopaholic? I’ll be the Girl in the Purple Scarf. Or, if you also read the books, the Girl in the BCBG Scarf.
Just a reminder: my blogs are going to happen less and less often because school starts on Wednesday. Starting next week I won’t have that much time to spend on blogging anymore. But I’ll try my very best to post every once in a while!



New bag, new shoes

Yesterday I told you I’d post pictures of the bag and shoes I have for school. The bag is Steve Madden and the black pair of shoes is from Sirens. The gray flats are my newest ones and they come from Winners. The tote has two choices for straps: handles or shoulder-length.
Here they are:
That’s my room, which is a mess but you can’t see that! Ha!
If you must know, there are school registration papers all over my desk and a giant amount of clothes all over my bed. Walking in there is a very scary thought at the moment. Eventually I’ll have to go clean it, isn’t that sad? I’m a very neat and organized person, but that usually applies more to school than to my room. Oh well.



Perfect bag, perfect shoes, perfect show

Today I bought my bag for school, it’s a beautiful pewter Steve Maddens tote. I couldn’t resist so I ended up buying another pair of flats too. Pictures to come!
I just wanted to warn you that school starts in about a week so I won’t have time to blog very often anymore. I will not be able to guarantee a post for everyday because I’ll be busy with schoolwork. I promise not to abandon it entirely, though! I won’t be that devoted to this anymore and I was just going to warn you now.
You know what else I bought? The complete third season of Gossip Girl. So far I’m on the fourth episode, and intend to watch all twenty two before school next week. It’s amazing! By the way, I never watch Gossip Girl on TV. I have no patience to wait a whole week between episodes and endless commercials every five minutes. Instead, I buy it all and watch it at my own pace.



An amazing birthday gift

Do you remember when I told you I wanted to create my own Pandora bracelet? Now I don’t have to! One of my birthday gifts was a Pandora bracelet. It was a silver chain that came with two charms: one two-tone cupcake, to symbolize my birthday and one peridot to symbolize my birth stone. See it here:
Isn’t it beautiful? I’m so happy.



In a rush

Good morning! The reason I’m blogging so early in the morning is because the sound of my mom’s cooking woke me up. Otherwise I would still be dreaming. But that doesn’t matter today because I had to get up early anyway because tonight I’m celebrating my birthday even though it isn’t for two days. See what happens when I’m in a rush? I can’t even type my sentences properly.
Here is a fashion quote for you:
All fashion is clothing, although clearly not all clothing is fashion… We need fashion, rather than clothes, not to clothe our nakedness but to clothe our self esteem.
Colin McDowell 1995
I don’t have time to feature any designers today so it’ll have to wait until tomorrow.



Marc Jacobs Resort 2011 + an early birthday gift!

Www.style.com is everyone’s savior. What would we do without it? I’d be pretty bored most of the time and then I wouldn’t see any of the new collections being showcased in places all over the world. BORING.
Today I decided to show you Marc Jacobs resort 2011. The show is full of suits, cocktail dresses, outerwear, retro styles, ladylike frocks, sweater dresses, lace, lingerie and graphic prints. It was so all chic!
Here are some runway looks:
All photos by style.com. Click for larger view.
Click here to see the rest of the show.
Today I saw this random woman walk past and it was incredible how immaculate she looked. Her hair was done, her teeth were sparkling. I didn’t get the brand of her very expensive-looking bag but she was wearing absolutely gorgeous sunglasses by Marc Jacobs. I was already thinking of writing of about Marc today, and then when I saw this woman it was imminent. I just had to. I couldn’t find her glasses on the website and it would be very strange if I walked up to her and started snapping photos of her face. They were probably vintage, which totally worked on her.
And you know what else happened today? I got an early birthday present. The actual day is Sunday the 22nd; not that I mind. I got a giant book called Fashion Design by Sue Jenkyn Jones and a $50 gift certificate to BCBG. The book - which I started reading and I love it – will last a lot longer than the gift certificate.  
Taken by me. Click for larger view.
The crazy little blue notes are what happen when I have no idea what to write about. You know how I decided? I asked my dad, who has no clue about any of the designer listed, and he just picked a random name from the list. Good choice. 



Coach Poppy Project

By now you probably noticed the Coach Poppy Project growing at the top left. Your tweets shape the pattern on my blog. Whenever you tweet #NinaMorenaXO my pattern will blossom.
Thank you!


Nicky Hilton's Jewelry Line

You probably heard about Nicky Hilton launching her own jewelry line. It’s still all very new and I don’t know if you can actually buy any of it yet. Of course nobody I know heard about it because I’m the only one who is always finding out fashion news right away. I got it from a post on Elle Blogs, through Twitter. The post says it all, but I’ll say it again anyway: Nicky Hilton clearly has a handle on what the cool girl wants to wear at the moment. The best part is the moderate price point. You won’t go broke if you decide you want a few new accessories.
These ones are worth coveting.



Michael Kors Fall 2010

You might remember one of my posts, probably from July, which featured a little black dress from Forever 21. The girl who gave it to me, Meling, emails me regularly with news she thinks might interest me. She’s right, it does. The most recent email was one involving the Michael Kors Fall 2010 collection. I took the time to look through the 40-page online catalog and I’m very happy to say that Michael Kors never ceases to surprise me with his designs. His clothes and accessories are things every girl secretly covets. The catalog is full of statement-making eye-popping accessories that bring an outfit to life. The clothes radiate effortless style and comfort. 
In the introduction Michael states that his favorite fall destination is Central Park, in New York City, and that the autumn leaves are the perfect backdrop for the relaxed glamour of his fall collection.
The perfect outfit is lifeless without proper accessories! I don’t think you can ever go wrong with Michael Kors, though.
Imagine walking down the street with one of these on your arm? Wouldn’t you feel like royalty?

It can be very hard to find the perfect watch that matches everything you wear. Your search is over, because these ones are the image of perfection.
The platform heel above reminds me of this one from BCBG:

When you spend so much time looking at new collections it’s very easy to spot the similar ones.
I was so surprised this morning when I looked at the time and it was only 7:30. It’s not nearly as early as when I have to go to school, but I usually wake up around 10. It ended up being perfect because I had the time to dissect the collection piece by piece to put here. 



None of the photos are mine unless they are taken by me and if not, there is always credit given to whoever the photo belongs to.