The Girl in the BCBG Scarf

Do you remember when I posted that I got a $50 gift card to BCBG? Today I went to spend it and bought the cutest purple scarf. It’s so perfect! For a few reasons: a) it’s purple, my all-time favorite color, b) it’s super comfortable, c) if I unfold the whole thing it could be a table cloth, and d) I look forward to wearing it for all of fall and winter. It’s one of the very few things I won that’s not made in China. This is 100% pure Indian cotton. Anyone remember Confessions of a Shopaholic? I’ll be the Girl in the Purple Scarf. Or, if you also read the books, the Girl in the BCBG Scarf.
Just a reminder: my blogs are going to happen less and less often because school starts on Wednesday. Starting next week I won’t have that much time to spend on blogging anymore. But I’ll try my very best to post every once in a while!



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