It's time for happy and healthy models!

On Friday night while I was gripping the railing to get a perfect view of the models from the front row, my dad stayed in the back, near the bar. He met some of the models who were in the Image Diversity show while my eyes were glued to the runway. He also got a picture of them, see below:
These women are proof that it doesn’t matter if you don’t look like a twig. Anyone can model, or at least everyone should be able to. The fashion world is starting to shift, and I hope it’s not something temporary. The shape of models is always changing, but this is a change for the better. When we see a model walking down the runway that is definitely at a healthy weight, we can’t help but be surprised because of what we always see in the media. International runways are absolutely packed with anorexic girls who have sunken cheeks and no curves. If the models on the runway look like normal people do, everything would be more reasonable, instead of an out-of-this-world fantasy. When models are too thin there is a negative impact on teenage girls. The girls want to look like models they see in magazines, and they’ll suddenly have a twisted idea that they are fat and must lose weight immediately.
Patricia Gajo quoted me on my opinion about the models. To read the whole article she wrote for the Toronto Sun, click here.



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