Montreal Fashion & Design Festival = Heaven

Remember I told you I was invited to the Fashion Show for Image Diversity by Patricia Gajo? It was last night. I never experienced something so amazing in my life, ever. When we first met Patricia, I had my first backstage moment. I’d never been to a real fashion show before, and I think this was a good place to start. The first show was the one to promote image diversity. It was very different from a typical fashion show because the models were all different shapes and sizes, trying to send the message that that’s how it should be. Last night I left with three business cards. One from Patricia Gajo, one for Myco Anna, a clothing label and one for Specs Model Management. Patricia introduced me to different people who were all so nice and polite and fun to talk to and be around. Patricia was writing an article about the show, and she quoted me on why I think it’s important to send a message about image diversity in young girls. I remember being asked why I was so interested in fashion, and I probably said something that sounded incoherent. So here is my official answer on why I love it so much: Fashion interests me because it never gets old. There are always new trends or styles that you can incorporate with your own style, and just when you think it’s over, you see an ad for next year. Fashion will never be outdated, because it’s something that happens constantly. Patricia, her assistant Ashley and the others had to leave after, to go see some of the models, but I stayed a while longer. I saw 5 shows: Image Diversity, The Bay, Forever XXI, Foxy Jeans & Bauhaus and Montreal Confidential. There was music by DJ Madkids and Team Canada. There was special guest Andrew McNally, a stylist.
The clothes in the first show (Image Diversity) sort of reminded me of clothes you see in back-to-school ads. All the models wore Converse, most of them white, and the clothes were casual but still stylish.

I didn’t take pictures of all the shows, because my camera has the weakest battery in the world, it was already dying during the show for The Bay. I already took 95 pictures, I think. Besides, some of the clothes were so beautiful I just watched in peace, without taking photos.
There were 2 levels in the VIP section. For the first show, we stayed on the second level all the way at the top. While we were looking for a place with a good view, Patricia pointed out a man to me and asked if I knew a designer named Philip Sparks. I told her I didn’t, because I never heard that name before. It took a little while to realize that I was in the vicinity of fashion designers, writers and editors. I had ever been happier.
My dad was the one who brought me to this event. He sat through the whole thing, and then had one question at the end: “Why do models always look so angry?”
I think these pictures are mostly of Image Diversity and The Bay. Oh, also one of Patricia and I. By the way, I would like to thank Patricia for inviting me and giving me the opportunity to experience fashion up close for the first time. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t even have gone.



None of the photos are mine unless they are taken by me and if not, there is always credit given to whoever the photo belongs to.