The Most Awesomely Awesome Day Ever

I think the last time I had such an amazing day was in the middle of June. And now that I think back to that day, it does nothing in comparison with today. In June, I was ecstatic because it was my last day of final exams and I knew I passed everything, and then my dad surprised me with a new cell phone.
I’m going to tell you everything from the moment I woke up.
At about 8 this morning, I heard my little brother getting to go watch TV. Then at 9 I got up for orange juice. Finally at around 10:15am I got out of bed and went to make Eggos for my brother and I.
After I ate I went to turn on the computer like every other morning. I signed in to my Hotmail account to check my e-mail like every other morning. This time, Montreal Editor Patricia Gajo was in my inbox. Completely surprised and other the pretense that I was having one of those dreams that seem vividly real until you open your eyes, I began to read the e-mail. With every sentence, the happiness escalated. Patricia Gajo invited me to the Fashion Show for Image Diversity during the Montreal Fashion and Design. That was a lot of information to process the first time around. I read it 3 times until I called my dad frantically screaming “SHE WANTS TO MEET ME!!!!!” Then I couldn’t stop laughing at what I probably sounded like coming from a cell phone. Then my dad told me to calm down and let Patricia know he’d call her tonight. So of course I spent my whole day trying to pass the time waiting for my dad to get home, sit down, and retrieve her phone number. It seemed like forever but it eventually happened. I was sitting in front of the computer thinking, ‘What am I supposed to write today?’ And my dad was sitting in the dining room, cell phone in his hands. When the conversation that made my day ended, my dad walked over to me and said, “Daddy’s good.” Of course I demanded to know what in the world he’s implying, and he said we were in VIP guests. Now’s the part where everything gets fuzzy. The room began to sway back and forth, even though I was sitting down. I ended up needing a bottle of vitamin water and attempted a nap, but of course I wasn’t going to fall asleep. My eyes will not obediently close until I leave the event in question. Now here I am. Time for supper!



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