An Old Story

My Dad was cleaning up his desk a few weeks ago and he came across a short story that I wrote a long time ago. There was no telling how old I was when I wrote this, but there were a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes so it was probably quite a while back. I tried taking a picture of it for you to read, but the glare from the camera made that impossible. Instead I’ll type it out here, and I won’t change any of the mistakes.

“Gerard, a turtle. Who lived alone decied to talk a walk around his block.
he never went outside so the world was a mysterious place. The Captain says:
okay, im interested.
so he walked down his front steps, but he forgot his shoes and the ground was hot. He did not relalise that he needed shoes to go outside so he closed the door and waled don his steps
the first thing he sawwas a man walking his duck, he was confused and didn’t understand, but he shrugged it off and decieded that it was a normal thing
the next thing he saw on his walk was a rabbit tanning in the sun on her front porch, he wanted to say hello but he was too shy and said nothingso he contined walking, for awhile the sidewalk was empty and he was the only one walking but then anthier tutle cam walking by going in the opposite direction. She stopped and said hello
gerared seemed confused and wasn’t sure wehter to respond or not, he did eventually say hi back. She smiled and walked away
after that he was nervous and walked back home. But when he got there the girl turtle was standing at his front door
she told him that she had seen him waering his flowers for a few weeks now, but had never the courage to go talk to him
and then he asked if she wanted to come in for some tea. She said yes, and ever since then they’ve been having tea every afternoon”

Can’t you tell I was going to be a writer?



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