One of a kind

So yesterday I went shopping my aunt at Rockland. She needed a dress, shoes and jewelry because she has 3 weddings this fall. I was going to blog about this yesterday, but I showed you Lady Umbrella instead and then I was too tired to write something else.
Let me tell you a little about my aunt (my mom’s sister). She is overly generous and caring so as soon as she was done with her dress and accessories, she told me to find something in the store that I liked. Obviously, I liked everything in the store because we were standing in the middle of BCBGMAXAZRIA. Everything in that place is beautiful, but I wasn’t about to mention that. So I settled on a pack of four nail polishes called the ‘Downtown Gallery Collection.’ The other choice was called ‘Forget Me Not’ and it was all different shades of pink. They were nice, but I have so many pink nail polishes and one from Chanel too, so the only colors I was missing are dark ones. The four colors are black, light blue, sapphire blue, and this burgundy-ish color that I can’t really describe to you unless you see it.
I couldn’t find any pictures of it on the Internet, so later when I get back home I’ll post a photo of it so you can see what I’m talking about.
This doesn’t have anything to do with nail polishes, but I’ll throw it in anyway because I’m on the phone with my mom right now, and she’s asking me if I fed my brother or not. My brother is seven years old, and she does it on purpose to call him ‘the baby’ because she knows I don’t really like taking care of small children. How are you supposed to know what they want all they do is scream and cry? Every morning, (only in the summer months) all I need to do is put an Eggo in the toaster and he’ll be happy. My mom and my aunt are sisters who aren’t even a year apart, and they are so completely different from each other that it’s hard to believe they’re even related at all. My mom doesn’t buy what she can’t afford, whereas my aunt could live and die in BCBG. My mom has a dark sense of humor and can be bitterly sarcastic at times, while my aunt would start panicking at the slightest little every day problem. Here’s an example: when I got quoted in the Toronto Sun I printed out the article to show my parents. My mom took it to show to the rest of the family like I was the little celebrity. My mom was very happy at first, but she didn’t have the same reaction as my aunt. When my aunt read the article the first thing she said was, “I can’t read this article, I’m going to start crying.” My mom told her, “Go take a pill!” To which my aunt replied, “Oh my God if it was my daughter, I would need Valium.”
These people are one in a million.



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