Perfect bag, perfect shoes, perfect show

Today I bought my bag for school, it’s a beautiful pewter Steve Maddens tote. I couldn’t resist so I ended up buying another pair of flats too. Pictures to come!
I just wanted to warn you that school starts in about a week so I won’t have time to blog very often anymore. I will not be able to guarantee a post for everyday because I’ll be busy with schoolwork. I promise not to abandon it entirely, though! I won’t be that devoted to this anymore and I was just going to warn you now.
You know what else I bought? The complete third season of Gossip Girl. So far I’m on the fourth episode, and intend to watch all twenty two before school next week. It’s amazing! By the way, I never watch Gossip Girl on TV. I have no patience to wait a whole week between episodes and endless commercials every five minutes. Instead, I buy it all and watch it at my own pace.



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