$35 gift certificate giveaway to CSN Stores

It’s finally the end of the week! There’s so much to say, like did you know LADY GAGA’S COMING BACK TO MONTREAL?!
But before that, I have an announcement. I’m going to have a giveaway right here on this website, the first one ever. It’s going to be with CSN Stores! I’d never heard of them before, but now I’ve checked out their site I love it. There’s so much to look for! You can see anything from furniture, to purses, to the perfect end table. It’s really great. 
The prize is a one-time-use gift certificate worth $35. You can use it on any of their 200+ websites. It’s a great opportunity, don’t let it get away!
Contest rules:
-         - First I have to ask you to please refrain from commenting on CSN Stores’ Facebook page, as it violates company policies.
-        -  I will be choosing winners through Facebook and Twitter. To enter for a chance to through Facebook:
-         Go to “Nina Morena’s Blog” on Facebook. “Like” the page, then write to me. Tell me what you plan to do with your $35 if you win.
-         -  Ways to win through Twitter:
-         Go to my Twitter page, @NinaMorenaXO, and follow me. To make sure I know you’re entering the contest, mention me in one of your tweets. I’ll follow you back and you can send me a direct message explaining what you’d do with the $35 if you win.
-         - Once you’ve completed one of the above, post the link back to this post on your Facebook or Twitter pages. For all the other bloggers out there, write a blog about my giveaway, and then send it to me!
-       -   Then, you must email me at nina.morena@live.com
-        - Once I have a decent amount of entries to choose from, I’ll close the contest. Closing date: TBA.

Good luck!


P.S. I’m sorry but the contest is only available for people in the US and Canada.


In just 5 to 7 business days...

This is going to be quick because I really need to get started on all the science, which I keep putting off. As a reward I’m gifting myself with a brand new Armani Exchange gold charm bracelet. It’ll be mine in just 5 to 7 business days, which I won’t even notice pass by, with all my schoolwork. Don’t you love the beauty of online shopping? It’s really great, especially because there’s no Armani Exchange store in Montreal.
I feel better already.




Blair Waldorf look-a-like

When I saw this in Aldo, it was like looking through the bright white light to see the gates of heaven. I have never seen a headband so perfectly made for me; it was crazy. Well, except for this one(Which I will eventually own)

Jeff Silverman + Coach + Guess = An Amazing Week

It’s finally Friday!
I have two full days ahead of me. The only problem is… all my time is going to be taken up studying or something equally as boring. Why, why does the science fair have to be mandatory?! Now I’m answering my own question. I’m the one who did this to myself by choosing double science at the last second. Oh well.

So right now I’m in the process of creating my shoe for Jeff Silverman. I previously wrote a post about what I wanted it to look like.
Isn’t this bag beautiful? I love Coach bags, this one especially. That’s one of the things I look forward to everyday. When I get home and check my emails, I always view the fashion updates first. They’re the best.
To try to have a post every day, I take a few minutes to create something on Polyvore. I should write my posts before and just schedule them, but I simply don’t have time to do that, either. The only thing I have time for during the week is Polyvore, and even with that I’m still doing homework late into the night. If something really, really rare happens and I end up having time to post something, then I will.
Okay… I’m talking too much. Let’s switch back to fashion now, with this marvelous Guess promotion.



The October Issue

I’m taking advantage of not having school today to blog to my heart’s content. Last night I stayed up until I read every word in the October Issue of FASHION Magazine. It probably doesn’t make sense, but when I woke up I felt smarter than the day before. I finally discovered the secret to not having a glare when I take pictures of magazine pages. I have to put my camera on the ‘food setting.’ The description: for capturing images of food. Saturation will be rather high to make it look appetizing. Funny. I took quite a few pictures, so brace yourselves for a fashion overload. Let’s see what they look like as collages.
But before we do that, I’m going to show you how I accessorized today. Since I was out for a little before (it’s my grandfather’s 83rd birthday) I couldn’t spend the day in pajamas. As soon as I woke up, I started picturing an outfit in my head. Skinny jeans, grey ballet flats, white v-neck t-shirt, black leather jacket, gold heart pendant and my precious and coveted purple BCBG scarf. See?
Now of course I have to show you some of my favorite pages from the advertisements and editor’s note.
In the editor’s letter, Bernadette Morra says, “When I was much younger, and my love affair with fashion magazines was just budding, I would play a secret game. I would imagine I were a woman of means, and my astronomical shopping budget would allow me to buy one item on each page of the magazine.” I read this, then I turned to the next page and saw a Coach ad. Then I thought it would be really nice to walk around with those sunglasses. And so the coveting began.

As I’m sure you already know, this issue featured Jennifer Hudson and her great new life.
I don’t know if I’d ever wear a cape, but I’d definitely want to run around the house in one. I’d feel like Superwoman.
For fall, I prefer these beauties:
I loved the headshot, too. Take a look:
Every issue, one of the many pages I look forward to is the cover of Fashion File. It’s always different, in a good way. It makes you want to turn the page and look for more.
Edit by Jeanne Beker sounds so amazing I want to cry. I watch her cover all the major fashion events. It seems too perfect for her to have her own collection, called Edit, no less. That’s what I’ll be doing the in the future! Hopefully, at this magazine.
A room à la Betsey Johnson? Yes, please.
I’m way too young to need a plastic surgeon, but it was still interesting to read about.
I really wish I could go on vacation. ‘Alphabet Cities’ basically summed up the perfect trip.
Makeup just keeps getting better and better. Venomous Villains by M.A.C looks very, very interesting.

If I could, all the perfumes in the world would be mine. I would have enough to wear a different one every day for a few years.
This is from one of the photo shoots, called A Classic Affair.
The Lanvin jacket and skirt paired with Dolce & Gabbana bag and shoes is one of my favorites. Let’s take a closer look:
Can you say beautiful?
The second shoot is called Spare Change. It was full of minimal shift dresses and platform pumps.
The Devil Wears Prada.
This one is definitely on my Christmas list.
There are only so many necklaces in the world that can accomplish the perfect ‘mean tough-girl’ vibes like the way this one can.
And now for the fabulous Montreal Notes by Patricia Gajo!
I’m. In. Love.
Seriously, I would marry these shoes. That’s how beautiful they are. I imagine myself teetering around Bloor Street or somewhere equally fabulous in these sophisticated stilts.
Sam Edelman is really getting my attention these days.
Ankle boots are my weakness. Here they are:
I’m finally done, after about 3 and a half hours. It was definitely worth it. I feel like an editor when I pick out all these different pieces. It’s the best feeling ever.



None of the photos are mine unless they are taken by me and if not, there is always credit given to whoever the photo belongs to.