Back-to-school blues... or should I say sapphires?

I really forgot how much time school takes up. I feel like I’m in rehab or something, because I haven’t even sat at a computer in almost 4 days and it was a really odd feeling. Maybe it’s just me because I’m in the enriched math and science program. My schedule consists of a 9-day cycle, so because of the enriched science I have it 10 times out of the 9 days. So that means there will always be a day where I have to sit through 2½ hours of atomic models and the periodic table in one shot. Not that I’m complaining, because I chose it.
So my birthday was a week and a half ago, and a very special gift got to me all the way from Vancouver. It was from my awesome cousin/godmother, Elsie. You know what it was? Another Pandora charm! This one was a little shoe hanging off a silver ring. I couldn’t find it on the Pandora site, but it’ll eventually be shown here. I think I’m going to take this Labour Day weekend opportunity to paint my nails sapphire, which was one of the BCBG polishes I bought a few weeks ago. It’s similar to this one, although it doesn’t have a sparkly effect, just that good old overpriced-designer-shine that I love so much.


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