Don't ask me why

I saw this and I just had to put it here. You’re looking at my grey ankle boots from H&M, $60.
I bought them last year, as one of the many Christmas gifts I bought for myself. Of course you know that every different piece of clothing or accessory or shoe will eventually go out of style, but there was something about these ones that were timeless. I can wear them with so many different outfits; they complete so many different looks. I originally wanted the black version, but by the time I went shopping only grey was left. I’m actually happy I ended up with the grey ones though, because sometimes black it too typical. Grey changes it up a little; balances out the color.
By the way, my blogging on a Monday night (during the school months) is about as common and a blizzard in July. Just saying. This only happened because I actually finished the monstrosity of homework I was assigned when I got home.
Later I need to study a little for science, but I’m not an idiot, I know how to manage my time. I also want to continue reading FASHION. I read the whole thing cover to cover, every single article so it takes a while incorporated with schoolwork and studying. I comfort myself with the fact that I don’t have to study that much science after high school to be an editor. Whoopee!



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