I don't know where to begin!

The title is true, I really don’t. This week has been insane. I went from discovering Polyvore to writing essays to finding out about Jeff Silverman (how did I not know about this?!) to learning Euclidean division, to becoming a member of IFB,(even though I’ve been having login problems) then back to designing a shoe for Jeff Silverman. The shoe is called Blair, named after my favorite fictitious character, of course. I don’t know when you’ll be able to see it, but I’ll give you an idea. I wanted this heel and platform: 
Combined with this Louboutin beauty:
In a soft, black leather.

Wednesday was my Dad’s birthday, so my mom got him a chocolate cake that would change your life, and I had no idea such a tiny piece would make you never want to eat again. I felt so full I honestly thought I’d go the next day with no appetite.
A few days ago I got my October issue of Fashion Magazine in the mail. You can imagine my happiness when I finally get to my front door with my (amazing) Steve Madden bag full of textbooks to see Jennifer Hudson’s face peeking out of my mailbox with the word FASHION printed in big red letters above her head. It was like a mini version of Christmas morning. At some point before Monday morning I plan to read the whole thing from cover to cover, probably more than once. And don’t forget Patricia Gajo’s Montreal Notes!
I don’t know if I’ll even time for that because I have a week’s worth of homework. (No, I’m not a procrastinator, it was all assigned today) I don’t understand that; don’t teachers know we have lives outside those bland four walls?  Did they ever take into account that some people might have blogs where they like to post as often as they can? (Sound familiar?) I can just hear them plotting in the teacher’s lounge, “This weekend, pack it all on, cause they won’t see us for two whole days.” God forbid.
I hate only being able to blog on weekends!



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