Pandora makes everything better

I’m finally going to show you the latest addition to my Pandora bracelet, the lucky shoe. The three I now have are a cupcake, my birthstone, and the shoe. They’re so perfect!
This is the whole thing, resting in the beautiful soft white box.
When I got it, it came in the box in a little bag which came with the book full of charms. Once you start looking through it, you’ll never stop.
I could sit here and write for and hours and hours saying how perfect the bracelet is, but I would just be wasting my time. If you own one, you know what I mean.
Remember yesterday when I said I would take advantage of the long weekend to paint my nails sapphire? Well I did. This is what I did all day:
I know, it’s only mid-afternoon but I plan to watch The Devil Wears Prada soon and I don’t feel like doing anything else. That’s one of the merits of early September: my science teacher feels guilty if we get too overwhelmed with work so she always gives us time to do it beforehand. I must say, she’s the best.


P.S. Tell me this doesn’t look amazing to you:


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