For once I have nothing to do

I now officially own a pair of tickets for the concert. I feel like a weight has been lifted, because now I know they’re mine.
Anyway, I think some kind of miracle happened. Remember the way I used to talk about piles and piles of homework? This weekend wasn’t so bad. What helps is that I had yesterday off, and for some reason I actually sat down and wrote everything I needed to until I had wrist cramps. (I asked if we could type everything out, but apparently that would be too easy.) What I’m talking about is a novel called Of Mice and Men. I needed to write a description of all the characters, look up all the unusual vocabulary, make a brochure on John Steinbeck (which was so unbelievably boring) and write a summary of the first two chapters, all from memory.
Come to think of it, that math was incredibly hard, but there’s nothing tutorials can’t fix. Now all I need to do is study les déterminants. French just happens to be my best subject, so I’m not too worried.
Hello?! I’m hosting a giveaway and I have no entries yet! Come on people! If I have such a miniscule amount of entries, which right now adds up to a grand total of 0, you’ll have a pretty good chance of winning the $35 certificate. I want to hear from you! Be creative!
Personally, I’d go straight to this site. Just saying. ☺
I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!



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