Dior Minaudière

Guess what!
My dad reinstalled Windows, so now I have my computer back.  Thank you daddy. ☺
So now everything works again, and it’s amazing. I don’t what I’d do if the computer was irreparable.
You know what else? I made the honor roll! It’s actually a funny story. When my mom and I got to school on Thursday night and went to get my report card, there was a bright pink paper stapled to it. It said:

Dear parent(s),


Your child has worked hard and is on the honor roll. Kindly come to the Plaza, we would like to personally congratulate you.

When we got to the plaza to see a vice principal, my mom was given a bright blue canvas tote bag that read: Proud Parent of an Honor Roll Student.
That bag is currently hanging from a doorknob, and has about zero chances of ever seeing the outside world ever again.
Anyway, this morning I finished reading the winter issue of FASHION. It was absolutely mesmerizing, especially the Gift Guide and the Shops section. I’ve decided that under the Christmas tree, I’d like to see the new Dior Minaudière clutch of eye shadows and lip glosses in pink and gold hues.
Did you start your wish lists yet?



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