Don't you love Canadian winters?

Its 7:30am and I’m wide awake, on my day off. I can’t believe this.
It all started a few weeks ago. My mom was analyzing my school schedule looking for a day when I had no school to book a dentist appointment. That day just happened to be today. I didn’t really sleep last night, so when I woke up at 5 I had nothing else to do, so I turned on the radio. “Slippery roads… no public transportation… try to avoid leaving the house…”
But of course, my mom wouldn’t hear any of it. So as we pull out of the driveway, I can see absolutely everything covered in ice. Everything shined; it was actually very beautiful.
Until my genius of a mother decided to drive downhill. Immediately, the car started spinning and made those scary the-brakes-aren’t-working sounds. It sounded a lot like the noise the Titanic made right before it cracked in half. In an effort to turn into someone’s driveway, my mom sort of drove onto somebody’s lawn, scraping her tires in the process. We were stuck. If we moved just by an inch, we’d be heading straight towards the river.

My mom: what the fuck am I supposed to do now?!!?!?
Me: how am I supposed to know?
My brother turns pale and is holding on to the cookie in his hands like it’s a life preserver.

Anyway, some guy who had been putting salt around his house witnessed the whole thing, and put tracks on my mom’s tires so we’d be able to drive back up the hill, to go back home.
At least I don’t have to go to the dentist.



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