One more day!

It’s Christmas Eve!
I know most of you are busy getting glamorous to go out partying tonight, but my evening is going to be exactly the opposite. Usually I spend both Christmas and New Year’s Eve with my mom’s side of the family, but that won’t happen this year because they’re all sick. So now I get to spend the night painting my nails in Sally Hansen’s Racey Rouge (courtesy of the best friend in the whole wide world!), wrap myself up in the best navy blue scarf ever, and then watch Elf.
I then plan to wait until everyone else in the house is sleeping, run to the Christmas tree and see which gifts are mine. I know, I sound like a huge baby, but I’ve been doing that for as long as I remember. It’s so tempting to lift the layers of tissue paper and see what’s below. It takes the willpower of Superman not to.

Merry Christmas!



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