Party favors

Do stores actually make money on Boxing Day? I walked into Best Buy before, looking for a laptop, and it’s like jumping into a can of sardines. When I got there, there was a lineup to get in that went all around the building. By this point, I gave up and walked to Future Shop, since they had no line. It was even worse. Everything in the place was sold out, and it was a huge mess. By the time I made it to the laptop section, a man stood on the counter with a list in his hands and recited all the computers that were sold out. Lo and behold, the one I wanted was on the list. Walking back to the car with my dad, we noticed there was no lineup outside of Best Buy anymore. Inside was a different story.
Long story short, we ended up ordering the laptop online.
Do you exchange gifts with friends? If so, were your gifts as awesome as mine? Here’s what I got:

Anyway, this is what my two weeks off is going to consist of.

And the funniest Christmas card goes to…

I got tons of amazing gifts this year.
1. Dior Minaudière

2. Lip balms from The Body Shop

3. Two new Pandora charms (pink Murano glass + gift box)
- Black Lady Gaga t-shirt
- Striped Tommy Hilfiger long-sleeved sweater
- Pink and grey t-shirt + black leather tights from H&M
- Vampire Academy
- Money (to buy previously mentioned laptop)

**Pictures to come**

It was a very merry Christmas indeed!



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