Pre-holiday stresses

Two days is not long enough for a weekend.
Especially when I have to write an essay about religious rights in society, write an article about the problems with this generation and start my science fair project. When is it all due?
Before Christmas. Do these teachers think I’m superwoman? Anyway, the time I have is even more limited because tonight my mom is hosting a dinner party (early Christmas gifts!) but at least I had the joy of finding something to wear.
I decided to go for black skinny jeans and a vintage beige Miss Sixty cardigan. I also usually have a Chanel pendant on, but I’d look too much like a walking advertisement. So the Chanel will be back on Monday morning. I have to do something to break the excess amount of Loft des Enfants I’m obliged to wear every day.
It doesn’t exactly look like that one. I’m just humoring you.



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