Haute Couture SS11

Suffering from lack of anything to do, I went to look for some more trends. Of course, I have to let you all in on my findings.
1. Couture jail bird
Full-length gown with horizontal stripes, imitating prison uniforms. Boat neck with pointed shoulders and ruffled tail. Seen at Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture SS11.
2. Couture denim
The pinnacle of couture casualwear. The everyday pair of jeans is transformed into oplulent, lilac-blue skinny jeans which are handwashed and trimmed with jewel buttons running to mid-calf, military-style. Seen at Chanel Haute Couture SS11.
3. Phoenix rising
This one really caught my eye. I'm talking about a cropped open jacket with extreme shoulders. It is covered in golden scales that form an armored-feather look. Seen at Alexandre Vauthier Haute Couture SS11.
4. Shed skin gown
A stealth gray column gown in is sliced mid-thigh to reveal a layer of glistening red. Seen at Armani Privé Haute Couture SS11.
5. Red-eyed maven
This look is more of a concern with makeup. Let me paint you a picture: arched red brows, alabaster skin and ice blue eye shadow. Lips painted in the same rich red emphasize the beautiful effect. Can you guess who thought this one up? John Galliano, clearly. This look was seen at the Christian Dior Haute Couture SS11 show.
The shoe of the day is the braided straw and wood platform with polka-dot bow from France, between the years 1940-1945.
The faded florals and pastels at BCBG add romance and allure to any outfit. Go take a look at their spring collection!



My mind is at ease

I usually spend my Sundays hoping my homework will magically work itself out, but not today! Given the little incident on Thursday morning, I escaped before anything was assigned to me. So if you really think about it, there isn't anything for me to do except watch endless amounts of television, talk on the phone and blog my heart out.
The Evolving Influence Fashion Blogger Conference taking place in New York on February 10th looks like my version of heaven, but unfortunately I'm too far away to attend. Doesn't mean I'm not going to cover it, though. You can register by clicking on the corresponding badge in the column to the right.
The shoe of the weekend in the brass-studded leather sandal modeled after the traditional Balkan opanke sandal by Vivienne Westwood in 1983.




Yesterday was terrible. It was also the reason I didn't have the ability to really blog last night. There's no school today, but I wouldn't be there even if there was.
Yesterday morning, during my first period math class, I had some sort of attack. I really don't know what it was or what caused it, but my throat became inflamed and I couldn't breathe at all. So of course everyone was staring at me gasp for breath. It looked a lot like an asthma attack, but I don't have asthma. After that I left the school and went to the clinic. I waited two and a half hours in a crowded little room for one doctor to take thirty seconds to tell me I had a severe case of bronchitis. She explained that my bronchi were swollen and for this reason, I stopped breathing. Now I'm taking azithromycin for five to six days. The first dose was double the regular one, so now I feel weird.
I have two tests on Monday, but in my rush to leave the school I forgot everything in my locker. Oh, well. I'll just have to wing it and write each test with nothing more than logic.
Yesterday's shoe was the sky-high metallic cut-out platform with clear plastic upper by Emilio Pucci in 2007. Today's shoe is the metallic leather and snakeskin "Little Peacock" platform stiletto boot by Jan Jensen in 2010.
By the way, speaking of shoes, have you been enjoying the new Alexander McQueen collection I mentioned two days ago? While I'm at it, why not throw in a pair of Judith Ripka studs? Fall 2010 may be over, but some styles remain timeless.



Let's stop chasing those boys and shop some more!

That comes from my new favorite song of the moment, "Labels or Love" by Fergie. It's from the Sex and the City soundtrack, and I don't care how passé it might be.
I'm probably going to sound like a psycho, but I now see what I've been missing in the smart phone world. Why am I telling you this? You all know what I'm talking about, right?
Today, school was uneventful in a good way. For the first time in a long time, I have no studying to do. This is nice. Very peaceful.
The shoe of the day is the suede day shoe with decorative cutouts and silk pompom from France, circa 1680s.
All hail McQueen! The SS11 Alexander McQueen shoes are in at Holt Renfrew, and they're jaw-droppingly stunning. (I don't know if that's a word. Consider it an exteme adjective. You'll understand when you view the collection.)



Always the same dull essays to write!

I will never understand why, in every single painful year of high school, I'm asked to write a persuasive essay. Shouldn't teachers have come up with something more creative by now? Today marks the fourth time. And this year, I think I'll write on anorexia. Last year I regretted my decision of writing about drunk driving, since it turned out to be so boring. Hopefully no one picks the same topic as me... Now the only dilemma is how to come up with a thesis statement. What can be disagreed upon in terms of anorexia? Any ideas?!
The shoe of the day is the magenta drum-dyed leather "Garnet" stiletto by Sophie Gittins in 2010.



Accessories galore


Today was a good day, very unexpected for a Monday. I got a few marks back, and things are looking up for me. It looks like I might not end up a homeless adult after all!
The shoe of the day (which is definitely on my dream wish list) is the zebra-print pony-skin "Zita" platform sandal with zip closure by Jimmy Choo in 2010.
I came across some very pretty watches at Michael Kors that correspond with the "bright color" trend for 2011. They'll clearly catch the eyes of all fashion lovers around the globe. Who can resist anything that's available in bright pink?



Lady Gaga remix for Mugler!


2 hours of Peter Griffin? Yes, please.

If I wanted to, I could repeat myself with more 2011 trends. But we covered that already, didn't we?
Although I'm still going to refresh your memory with a much shorter version.
Animal prints: out.
Lace and hot pink*: in.
Since all the repulsive math has been taken care of, I'm going to spend my day watching Family Guy. I'd also be watching Desperate Housewives tonight, but it's not on due to an unnecessarily long football game.


*It does not necessarily need to be pink. It can be any bright color, I'm just biased.


Girly as can be

Today, I'm...

...thinking of enjoying some Polyvore before diving into the pile of homework assigned by the devil. Because right now, there's nothing better than listening to Train and talking about shoes. Also, I persuaded my way out of going to the clinic! Why go see the doctor with a little cough to come back with another disease caught just from sitting in the waiting room? I will never spend my Saturday morning sitting in a room full of sick people.
Moving on to healthier subjects...
The shoe of the day is the spotted leather "New Wave"-inspired bootie with high-cut collar and funnel heel from Italy, circa 1980. It's perfect for any sort of Halloween costume, with it's green base and small navy blue spots.
I don't know about you, but this song is getting seriously overplayed. I don't hate it, but now my ears are corrupted.

And now yours are too!



More of the same...

This week felt like an eternity! I have so much to do this weekend, though. Sadly. It never ends!
On Monday I have to start making my science fair display board (a terrible rite of passage all seniors must suffer through), present a dance number for gym class (that doesn't even make sense), and throughtout all of next week I have a French and math test. (That I know of.)
The shoe of the day is the feathered thigh-high boot from Canada in 1991. It looks very eccentric, but it reminds me of a boot you'd buy, then leave it in the closet. I definitely wouldn't go out in public wearing thigh-high feathered boots.
I just got my back from my friend's house and I'm full on greasy pizza. Usually I wouldn't be caught dead eating something so fattening and gross, but sometimes you make sacrifices. Why not? Not like I eat it every day.


P.S. New shoes and handbags from Fendi at Holt Renfrew!


Pink & grey

That is my Polyvore creation of the day. I especially love the grey rose embedded ring.
The shoe of the day is the "Cosmo" sandal in neon snakeskin by United Nude in 2010. It looks exactly like this one, but the black straps the cover the foot are hot pink snakeskin.
Again, I spent my day coughing like a psycho in class. Hopefully I get better soon!



Uh oh

This morning I woke up and I could barely speak. I have no idea how it happened, but I have laryngitis. (Is that how you spell it?) Anyway, today at school, I wasted every ounce of energy repeating the words "I lost my voice" to everyone who spoke to me. (Believe me, most of my classmates wouldn't know what laryngitis means.) It got very annoying.
The shoe of the day is the gold kid dance shoe with art deco detailing from Switzerland in 1935.
Ironically, I, who spend almost every waking minute on the phone, have to rest my voice. Actually, nevermind. That isn't ironic at all, is it?





Well, I finally presented! It went as all presentations go. It starts off okay, until the room is super quiet with thirty pairs of eyes focused on you which begin to get you nervous, and you start to despise the sound of your shaky voice.
But other than that, it was fine.
I just found out that I got 45% on my math exam... great. I'm so proud of myself. I even went to look at the corrected exam and realized that I got every question wrong!
The shoe of the day is the silk evening pump with fringe and ornate rosette from France, circa 1860.




A new favorite

You probably haven't noticed yet because I just put it up, but there's a new link in my list of favorites in the column on the right. It's a pretty great-looking blog called Pretty Portobello. Check it out!



School usually gives me a headache and puts me in a bad mood. But today was one of those rare occasions where I got two free periods. (It must have been a real miracle.) That was because for some reason, the Montreal Alouettes came to play a basketball game against our school's teachers. Which means I didn't have to present my article!
The shoe of the day is suede laser-cut "Simply Brook" bootie with stingray heel by Chrissie Morris in 2009.




2011 trends

Easy A was great! I'll definitely be watching it again.
As you know, I've joined the smartphone world along with 99% of the teenage population. Before it, I failed to understand what all the fuss was about. Now I get it. Very much. Words like Android and Wi-Fi and apps have been swirling through my mind for hours on end. This is where I can't help but notice the pathetic irony of the situation I'm in. Tomorrow I have to present an article all about the consequences of teens being addicted to cell phones, and that's what just happened to me. In fact, at the very moment I'll be presenting there will be a phone that probably costs more than the average weekly salary attached to my hip.
That being said, there are tons of apps that I never even knew existed... for free! Suddenly the world isn't such a terrible place anymore.

I downloaded a (free!) app yesterday called TrendTracker. It may as well have been created specifically for me, because it's perfect. I was looking through it this morning, and I found a few trends for 2011. I have to be up to date, don't I?
1. Minimalist volume dress.
Ideal for making a statement in a noticeable color, flattering for all body shapes and makes summer dressing easy. Seen at Costume National and Jil Sander SS11.
2. Bangles.
Great way to update an existing outfit, and the effect can be achieved through many different ways. Seen at Manish Aurora and Marc by Marc Jacobs SS11.
3. Neon highlights.
They radiate youthful energy, seen at Christopher Kane and Giles SS11. For those who aren't as brave, go for more more subtle accessories at Miu Miu.
4. Sarong pant.
Adds interest to a typical summer wardrobe. Seen at Marc Jacobs and Richard Chai SS11.
5. Geisha wedges.
I don't think I'll try out this one, but to each their own. Seen at Kenzo and Vena Cava SS11.
6. Multi length hemlines.
This on the other hand, looks a lot more interesting. Seen at Krizia and Albino SS11, I can't wait to try it out when summer comes around.
7. Novelty trench.
This established classic is updated for spring with more flirty feminine details; definitely an essential in the coming months. Seen a Gaetano Navarra and Junya Watanabe SS11.




Alright, so my room is starting to look normal again, thank God. (Or whoever floats your boat.)
Right now, I'm right where I want to be. It's Saturday, I don't need to study, I have no plans tonight and I like it that way. I've done so much science in the past few weeks, that right now I came up with a reaction of my own:
fashion blogs + pajamas + watching the snowfall -> comfort + happiness
I have to take advantage of it while I can, before the weekend is over.



My own form of procrastination

First things first, I would like to make you all aware of a sale going on at BCBGMAXAZRIA. Who can resist 20% off already reduced styles? So right after you see this, go treat yourself to something pretty. You deserve it.
I solved last night's movie dilemma by watching Inception. After sitting through all 130 minutes of it, I had several reactions. In a way, the movie was very interesting. However, in my opinion, the only really good part was when Leonardo DiCaprio introduces Ellen Page to what he calls "the world of dreams." I liked when he explained to her the nature of all dreams, and how our mind works while we're asleep. But the movie was way too long, and it definitely dragged on. There were several dreams within one dream, and I began to get very confused with reality. Tonight I'll watch Easy A, which is obviously much lighter and humorous. I'm looking forward to it.
The shoe of the weekend is the reproduction of a 4000-year-old knitted rope clog discovered in Missouri caves by Joan Miller in 1998.
As you know, my laptop and cell phone coming in one night may as well have caused an explosion of new. My desk is covered with my laptop, its charger, the Internet connection wire, my phone charger, my old phone charger (yet to be put away), my iPod charger, the printer installation CD, an unplugged lamp and my beloved shoe calender. I'm not sure if you can picture that, but it looks like a jungle. Worse yet, boxes filled with speakers and a printer litter my bedroom floor. My room looks like Best Buy exploded in it.
Therefore I'm using this post as an excuse not to start cleaning it right away. I still haven't figured out where to find space to put a printer, but oh well. I'll be fine. My room will look much better once everything is in its place.



Jimmy Choo + Fendi + Rock and Republic

Time for some serious R&R

Since my exams finished yesterday, I had no school today and therefore got to sleep in. Good choice, seeing as I was going to need extra energy for all the errands ran today. The culprit for my running around from store to store? The sweet sixteen party I have in February. I ended up finding a cream-colored sleeveless top at Winners. It's perfect!
The shoe of the day is the peacock blue silk "Electra" spike with iridescent leather trim by Jerome C. Rousseau in 2008. Very elegant.
Tonight is movie night. I actually just came back from renting Inception and Easy A. But what to watch first? And how will I ever choose just one?! Stay tuned.



Done exams!

Today I wrote my last two exams, finally. The reason I had no time to blog yesterday was because my new laptop arrived and I surprisingly got a new cell phone, all at once. Goodbye LG Neon, hello Motorola Spice!
Yesterday's shoe was the black and red silk twill ankle booties from France, circa 1860s. Today's shoe is the kidskin boot with zippered extreme fold-over by Guiseppe Zanotti Design in 2009. (It resembles the second boot on this site, but much taller.)
Remember the calamity? Here's what happened: to avoid having to pay for storage room (which is ridiculous) I had to go through my Picasa web albums and delete pictures to make more room for new ones. However, having done that, they will no longer appear on my blog anymore. But don't worry, I deleted mostly old ones, and I doubt anyone really goes through months and months of archives.


Where would we be without modern decor?

I absolutely love getting asked to write a review. It makes me feel like my opinion is important, somehow. It's great. So here we go.
Since this is a fashion  blog, I obviously neglect to mention other important things, like how to decorate your home and make it your own cozy alcove. Furniture is definitely very important when it comes to this process. But where to find said decor?
Look no further than CSN Stores. They sell everything from fashions to school supplies to modern decor!



Where I want to be

My own personal remedies

I’m not a fan of math, but this was terrible. There were no review packages of tutorial questions that could have prepared me for that exam. When I first started it, things were going fine, until some teacher walked in and confused me to the point where I made sure I was done, and left that horrible, godforsaken classroom. Now I’m inconsolable, with nothing to make me feel better. However, there a few things that have been lightening my mood.
1. Power in numbers
No one else found the test easy. As my friend Olivia says, “If more than two people thought of the same answer, it can’t be wrong. Great minds think alike. And we Nina, are great minds.”
If we fail, we fail all together!
2. Being fed by grandparents
That’s where I had lunch today, and my grandmother stuffed me with so much food, that it was impossible to think about bad things.
3. Pampering yourself
Every time I look down at my freshly painted nails, I feel better. Nothing wrong with that!
The shoe of the day is the metallic magenta kidskin d’Orsay pump with leather appliqué by Givenchy, circa 1980s.




1 down, 4 to go

I don’t yet understand how or why writing an essay on intimidation is going to help me in life, but school tends to make you ask a lot of those questions. Now that French is done, I can really start to panic. Tomorrow is math, and I failed everything in the first term, (which will be on tomorrow’s exam) so to say that I’m worried would be an understatement. I’m fully prepared for this test, but I’ll still be losing sleep tonight. The shoe of the day is the “Peche” gray and black goat suede pump by Sophie Gittins in 2009.



Preparing for midterms

I spent my Saturday making a memory aid, which was still illegible. I’m the only one who understands what it says, because I tend to make up my own abbreviations.
I’m not sure what the picture-sharing situation is right now, but I’ll figure it out soon. Meanwhile, the shoe of the weekend (which I’m not a huge fan of – but looks comfortable) is the traditional painted wood clog on stilts, by Spain in 1964. I can’t find a picture of it, but the name should say enough, I guess!



This is a calamity

Now that I’m home and cozy again, not to be attending classes for another ten days, I can sit down and properly show you the shoes I’ve had the pleasure of discovering every morning.
Yesterday’s shoe was the “Kimi” d’Orsay pump of repurposed leather and vintage kimono fabric by Hetty Rose in 2009.

Today’s shoe is the brocade evening pump with rosette detail by Roger Vivier in 1962.
Oh… never mind. I used up all my photo space. What a disaster.
I provided links so you don’t have to imagine what the shoes look like.
This weekend I need to prepare for my exams, so it might be a while before I have time to blog again, unfortunately.



Sleep should be considered more important

I’m not going to post the shoe of the day today, for several reasons. Firstly, my camera is dead and I don’t have the patience to wait for it to charge. I have math review questions to do, and I’m tired. When I got to third period this morning and glanced at the time I thought, I’d still be sleeping right now. But instead I’m in science class.
Tomorrow I have to present my 3012 article and then I have a week of exams. Which means that if I don’t get asked to present it tomorrow, I have another ten days of procrastination before presenting.
This morning in math class, I put pencil to paper for the first time in two weeks. My writing is currently disgusting, and barely legible.
I’m not liking this.



Last day of freedom

Today is my last day of school vacation…  Now for the next six months I have to actually think. And use my brain. It’s horrible.
The shoe of the day is the royal blue satin “Jumbo” slingback by Stuart Weitzman.



Shoe of the day

The shoe of the day is the metallic snakeskin “Neve” sandal by Jimmy Choo.


The February Issue

In this magazine the editors give previews of 2011 collections in New York, London, Paris and Milan. Reading all the details given on these glossy pages makes you feel like you’re not actually sitting at home in pajamas, but being right there, sitting in the front row in four different fashion capitals of the world.

The article called ‘Chanel, Chérie’ by Sarah Casselman delivered that same feeling. Casselman tells about when she was invited by the house of Chanel to discover the haute couture fall/winter 2010/11 collection. Can you imagine what that was like?! Cloud nine is right.
Taylor Swift is the new fresh face of Covergirl for 2011. She was a good choice.
 The photo shoots called ‘Private Lives’ were inspired by the lives of Canadian designers. Designers ranging from Pink Tartan to Denis Gagnon were asked questions like “What did you want to be when you grew up?” and “What would you be if you weren’t a designer?” The answers were a delight to read some were shocking. For example, I found out that Michael Thomas wanted to be a farmer when he grew up.

Leighton Meester’s interview with Jason Anderson invited me into the world of a very busy model-turned actress.
The shops section is never a disappointment, because this time along with Patricia Gajo’s Montreal Notes, I found these lovely accessories too.



Sadly, it's time to go back to normal

The migraine came back, just in time for school on Thursday. I hope it doesn’t last much longer…
Also, I’m practically counting the seconds to my laptop’s arrival. It’s driving me crazy!
The shoe of the day is a jeweled suede platform by Giuseppe Zanotti Design.
I finally let go of my laziness enough to dive into my extremely messy closet and retrieve my Christmas gifts. (Those sleeves are naturally rolled.)
The Tommy Hilfiger was a little big, but it’s comfortable and perfect to wear over tights or skinny jeans.
Last but not least, a simple but pretty t-shirt from H&M. You can never have too many of these.
I already finished reading the February issue of FASHION. Details about the love issue coming soon.



None of the photos are mine unless they are taken by me and if not, there is always credit given to whoever the photo belongs to.