More of the same...

This week felt like an eternity! I have so much to do this weekend, though. Sadly. It never ends!
On Monday I have to start making my science fair display board (a terrible rite of passage all seniors must suffer through), present a dance number for gym class (that doesn't even make sense), and throughtout all of next week I have a French and math test. (That I know of.)
The shoe of the day is the feathered thigh-high boot from Canada in 1991. It looks very eccentric, but it reminds me of a boot you'd buy, then leave it in the closet. I definitely wouldn't go out in public wearing thigh-high feathered boots.
I just got my back from my friend's house and I'm full on greasy pizza. Usually I wouldn't be caught dead eating something so fattening and gross, but sometimes you make sacrifices. Why not? Not like I eat it every day.


P.S. New shoes and handbags from Fendi at Holt Renfrew!


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