My own form of procrastination

First things first, I would like to make you all aware of a sale going on at BCBGMAXAZRIA. Who can resist 20% off already reduced styles? So right after you see this, go treat yourself to something pretty. You deserve it.
I solved last night's movie dilemma by watching Inception. After sitting through all 130 minutes of it, I had several reactions. In a way, the movie was very interesting. However, in my opinion, the only really good part was when Leonardo DiCaprio introduces Ellen Page to what he calls "the world of dreams." I liked when he explained to her the nature of all dreams, and how our mind works while we're asleep. But the movie was way too long, and it definitely dragged on. There were several dreams within one dream, and I began to get very confused with reality. Tonight I'll watch Easy A, which is obviously much lighter and humorous. I'm looking forward to it.
The shoe of the weekend is the reproduction of a 4000-year-old knitted rope clog discovered in Missouri caves by Joan Miller in 1998.
As you know, my laptop and cell phone coming in one night may as well have caused an explosion of new. My desk is covered with my laptop, its charger, the Internet connection wire, my phone charger, my old phone charger (yet to be put away), my iPod charger, the printer installation CD, an unplugged lamp and my beloved shoe calender. I'm not sure if you can picture that, but it looks like a jungle. Worse yet, boxes filled with speakers and a printer litter my bedroom floor. My room looks like Best Buy exploded in it.
Therefore I'm using this post as an excuse not to start cleaning it right away. I still haven't figured out where to find space to put a printer, but oh well. I'll be fine. My room will look much better once everything is in its place.



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