My own personal remedies

I’m not a fan of math, but this was terrible. There were no review packages of tutorial questions that could have prepared me for that exam. When I first started it, things were going fine, until some teacher walked in and confused me to the point where I made sure I was done, and left that horrible, godforsaken classroom. Now I’m inconsolable, with nothing to make me feel better. However, there a few things that have been lightening my mood.
1. Power in numbers
No one else found the test easy. As my friend Olivia says, “If more than two people thought of the same answer, it can’t be wrong. Great minds think alike. And we Nina, are great minds.”
If we fail, we fail all together!
2. Being fed by grandparents
That’s where I had lunch today, and my grandmother stuffed me with so much food, that it was impossible to think about bad things.
3. Pampering yourself
Every time I look down at my freshly painted nails, I feel better. Nothing wrong with that!
The shoe of the day is the metallic magenta kidskin d’Orsay pump with leather appliqué by Givenchy, circa 1980s.



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