Yesterday was terrible. It was also the reason I didn't have the ability to really blog last night. There's no school today, but I wouldn't be there even if there was.
Yesterday morning, during my first period math class, I had some sort of attack. I really don't know what it was or what caused it, but my throat became inflamed and I couldn't breathe at all. So of course everyone was staring at me gasp for breath. It looked a lot like an asthma attack, but I don't have asthma. After that I left the school and went to the clinic. I waited two and a half hours in a crowded little room for one doctor to take thirty seconds to tell me I had a severe case of bronchitis. She explained that my bronchi were swollen and for this reason, I stopped breathing. Now I'm taking azithromycin for five to six days. The first dose was double the regular one, so now I feel weird.
I have two tests on Monday, but in my rush to leave the school I forgot everything in my locker. Oh, well. I'll just have to wing it and write each test with nothing more than logic.
Yesterday's shoe was the sky-high metallic cut-out platform with clear plastic upper by Emilio Pucci in 2007. Today's shoe is the metallic leather and snakeskin "Little Peacock" platform stiletto boot by Jan Jensen in 2010.
By the way, speaking of shoes, have you been enjoying the new Alexander McQueen collection I mentioned two days ago? While I'm at it, why not throw in a pair of Judith Ripka studs? Fall 2010 may be over, but some styles remain timeless.



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