Today, I'm...

...thinking of enjoying some Polyvore before diving into the pile of homework assigned by the devil. Because right now, there's nothing better than listening to Train and talking about shoes. Also, I persuaded my way out of going to the clinic! Why go see the doctor with a little cough to come back with another disease caught just from sitting in the waiting room? I will never spend my Saturday morning sitting in a room full of sick people.
Moving on to healthier subjects...
The shoe of the day is the spotted leather "New Wave"-inspired bootie with high-cut collar and funnel heel from Italy, circa 1980. It's perfect for any sort of Halloween costume, with it's green base and small navy blue spots.
I don't know about you, but this song is getting seriously overplayed. I don't hate it, but now my ears are corrupted.

And now yours are too!



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