As suspected, I didn't make it into science fair. And I really don't care! Today was so brainless, I think my head is going to explode. Ethics and gym are both wastes of time. Who cares about ambivalence and gymnastics?
The shoe of the day is the red leopard-print patent leather "Aizza" pump by
Jerome C. Rousseau in 2009.
In the March issue of FASHION, there's an editorial shoot called "Saturation Point." I loved it for the sole reason that it was full of bright color blocking and contrasting. The first photo features a model wearing a white top and bright orange skirt by Jil Sander standing in front of a perfect blue sky. I can't wait for it to be spring! The Grayson collection of handbags at Michael Kors also represents finally seeing the blue sky again after months and months of grey.
If you happen to be in an indulgent spending mood, the dazzling Hervé Léger spring collections are available for pre-order here.



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