Crazy weekend ahead

I had a bad day, which followed a terrible night. Last night I found out my grandmother was having chest problems so she called herself an ambulance. Today I found out she'll stay there the weekend to run tests for her heart. I don't know how I am supposed to handle something like this. It's scary. No matter how many people have told me not to worry, that she'll be fine, I can't help being nervous.
But I know everything will turn out okay.
Today's shoe is the "Frontpage" double-platform peep-toe with multitonal bow by Stuart Weitzman in 2009.
Next week is going to be absolutely insane. Given that fact there is only four school days left before spring break, my teachers are thowing everything possible at me all at once. This is what my week will look like:
Monday: science test.
Tuesday: science presentation and French test.
Wednesday: another French test.
Thursday: English test and math quiz.
Is that not a little bit much?
Not to mention that tomorrow night is party night. Jade's party came at the perfect time, because I don't feel like spending my Saturday night studying like no one has studied before and worrying about weak tickers.



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