D day

Everyone has the day where it comes time to decide where you want your life to go. Technically, I didn't make the subject selection for seconday 5 yet, but today I got the list of electives that determine everything. I was pretty much set for taking physics and chemistry, but am I going to be a doctor? Am I studying the sciences in college? No.* Nor do I have any intentions to do so. I have to pick two electives from a list of nine. My preferences are English Literature and Italian. For several reasons: I want to be a journalist, which can eventually lead to an editorial career, and Milan is the fashion capital of the world, is it not? I have the basic conversational skills, but if I end up in Italy one day I need to be able to communicate fluently.
*Thank you to Olivia, who helped me realize the most obvious thing in the world.
Today's shoe is the Preppy Madras silk pump by Beth Levine, circa 1954.



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