Marc Jacobs fall 2011

The shoe of the day is the floral tapestry court shoe with paste jeweled buckle from England between the years 1720 and 1740.
We have more imporant matters to attend to.
Ok people. Everyone knows we are in the middle of New York fashion week. Last night was the Marc Jacobs fall 2011 show. My favorite part of the whole production was that it wasn't the least bit romantic, despite the date. No matter how far away I may be from New York City, I still got a front row seat sitting by the laptop. I watched the live streaming show, taking notes at lightening speed just like all the editors and writers who were attending in the flesh.
This is the frantically scribbled down, probably not grammatically correct version:
- No romance.
- Mean.
- Intimidating.
- Vinyl.
- Pencil skirts.
- Dark colors.
- Fur.
- Textured jackets.
- Space-like astronaut boots.
- Pops of red and white for purses.
- Most of the accessories as well. (HATS!)
- Overall: brighter on accessories.
- Make sure to mention hats. (Philip Treacy?)
- Structured tailored suits.
- Angry.
- Important.
- Studs.
- Patterns.
- Business-like.
- Beret.
- Black and red lace dress.
- Long skirts.
- Glitter.

I'm sure you are now thinking, 'how does she expect me to know what she's talking about?' That is why I'll take the time to put those points in coherent, explanatory sentences.
Before the show started, the whole room was cloaked in a dim red light, giving off the impression that the show would be dainty and lovey-dovey. It didn't exactly happen that way.
As soon as the runway was lit, it was clear there wouldn't be any romance involved. The music playing sounded like something the models would listen to. The models strut back and forth on the catwalk, managing to look mean, intimidating, unapproachable, angry, important, business-like and poised at the same time.
The vinyl pencil skirts were drool-worthy. Some fur jackets popped up here and there. Either way, all the textures were made creatively. Among most of the tailored suits that can make anyone feel beautiful were longer skirts, glitter and studs. The astronaut-resembling boots added an even more powerful feel to the looks. (As if it was needed.)
Throughout the expected dark colors were slight pops of brighter shades, especially in the dresses. Both of the dresses I took note of went a little bit past the knee. One had a black and white pattern. The other was mostly black with the upper section red, and completely covered in lace. Marc Jacobs has the ability to make lace look unromantic. That's love right there.
Many of the accessories were brighter too, like the clutches. But the part that made the whole thing worthwhile was the hats. From something as simple and as elegant as a little black beret to an unidentifiably amazing headpiece, the hats were a pleasant and unexpected surprise. The first thing that went through my mind when I saw them were Philip Treacy's fabulous creations.

Soon I'm going to watch the Marc by Marc Jacobs show and then later the Hervé Léger. Fun fun fun!



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