Once you go Marc, you never go back

I won't do a full review of the Marc By Marc Jacobs show because that is all I've been talking about the whole afternoon and I need abit of a break from it. In an effort to divert myself, I began watching the Hervé Léger fall 2011 show. I took notes the same way, however there was a severe lack of enthusiasm on my end. My points started out good, got progressively worse as time passed. I got bored. It went something like this:
- Beige suits.
- Knee-high boots.
- Attitude.
- Gold.
- Good music.
- Nice zipper detail.
- Great jackets.
- I'm loving these sequins and this glitter.
- Pretty cage-patterned dresses.
- Studs. (Again.)
- Lighter colors. Unusual, but in a good way.
- The clothes are starting to look synthetic.
- A shocking white dress appears. Surprise!
- Hit: sheer pink miniskirt.
- So far I can live without it.
- Too much of the same idea.
- Too similar.
- It's starting to pain the eyes.
- Am I expected to wear this when it's cold outside?
This wasn't the reaction I expected from myself. Don't let my personal opinion stop you from seeing the show for yourself. In fact, if you do, let me know what you thought via Twitter @ninamorenaxo.



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