It snowed so much today. Hopefully this calls for some sort of cancellation in the coming days. Today was so boring, especially since I had my lab exam after lunch. It was on acid-base neutralization, and I was supposed to be counting the drops needed of an acid to neutralize a base. So much for that happening! I lost count at least five times, and then I just gave up and made up an answer that looked reasonable. But that shouldn't worry me, since I also got a math test back. The number on the paper is the best result anyone can ever ask for, especially for a scientific course. Yes, that's right. 100%. I finally feel the way I usually do at school. We're reading a novel called Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson in English class. So far, I love it. It's the only thing that makes English class bearable.
My Polyvore creation of a few hours ago may not have been my finest, but I really wasn't inspired today at all. Blame it on the weather.
Do you remember my friend Olivia's blog on Tumblr? Yesterday she wrote such an amazing blog post for me. It was pretty nice of her. Go visit sometime. I promise you'll love it.
The shoe of the day is the black satin bootie with velvet and rhinestone vamp by Stuart Weitzman in the 1990s.
This blog's readers come from places all over the world, but if you happen to read this and also happen to live in North America and are affected by the huge snowstorm, I know how you feel. The remedy? Cashmere and hot chocolate. Stay warm!



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